To create a five piece set of functional, yet beautiful, dinnerware.
Lotus is a five piece dinnerware set that, when stacked, takes on a new, unique image as a whole. This minimal design addresses the need for both functional and beautiful dinnerware by containing all of the necessary components for a full dining experience, while also creating a sculptural piece that can be used as a display item. 
Target User
To get a better idea of my target user's needs, I created an example persona.
I drew inspiration from minimal, elegant, and organic forms.
I began by ideating broadly, considering all possibilities. I narrowed down on concepts that functioned and appeared differently as independent pieces than the set did as a whole. After gathering insight from my peers, I decided on the Lotus concept due to its novelty and aesthetic appeal.
I refined the form and began 3D modeling.
Lotus is designed for users who take pride in the way they display food. This minimal design allows users to simply buy a single set for personal use, or multiple sets for a group.

Lotus was featured in both IDSA Innovation magazine and Design is Human expo at Woodruff Arts Center.

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